Photography and nature lover

At the age of 10, she was given her first camera. Since that moment, she has captured all the happy moments and landscapes that surrounded her. When a photo takes shape in her mind, she is capable of placing hr body in all human and inhuman positions to take it out. If she catch you as a model, be ready, it will be your turn too. 

Bachelor of Science and considering careers such as Aerospace Engineering or Architecture, she ended up graduating in Audiovisual Communication (this girl is very versatile) and studying one of the most prestigious Design courses during the afternoons while working. She has worked as photographer, videographer, post-producer and graphic designer for a startup and a creative agency. 

Her favourite plan during winter is to spend the day in a cozy cabin in the middle of the woods, watching movies and taking photos. And, despite her vertigo, she loves to climb the highest mountains and spend the day in nature.


Traveler, adventurer and passionate about animals like the most

Since he was little, he has had its goals very clear: to visit all the natural parks in the world and document them with his camera. He loves hiking, forest bathing, mountains and, above all, animals. He continues in search of photographing his most longed-for model: the polar bear (and there is no one to stop him from reaching it).

As many sports enthusiasts, he graduated as a Expert on Physical Activities and Sports. In the last years has worked as a swimming instructor, camp monitor in Spain and Miami, in a beach hotel as an entertainer and even in a gym as a trainer.

If someone gives him a camera in the middle of a snowfall, he can lie there a full afternoon, even if his fingers freeze. Lately, Isaac dreams of having his own camper van with Bea to work around the world while they travel.